Navigating Contingent Workforce Challenges:

Eden Brown Synergy's Success with Bridge VMS


Eden Brown Synergy is a well-establish staffing firm in the not-for-profit and public sectors, with a network of offices across the UK. In recent years, the contingent workforce side of its business has grown substantiality—a good thing, naturally. 

Unfortunately, that growth had begun to strain internal resources:

  • Short turnaround times

  • Turnover is endemic among contingent workforces, which means far more frequent projects

  • Tracking and managing contingent staff was taking up too much time

  • Third-party suppliers are needed to manage contingent placements, but that only added to the overall administrative headaches

  • No way to change existing processes and workflows to adapt to the unique and evolving requirements of contingent placements


Time to Get Proactive

These challenges were beginning to threaten Eden Brown Synergy’s ability to meet client demands and provide the high-level of service that made it so successful. Executives feared mistakes were going to start happening. On a more granular level, 

  • Timesheet processing was taking too long

  • Client requests could not be easily tracked and measured 

  • Work was being duplicated because there was no visibility into the entire supply chain

  • No standardized reporting, so information was being sent out haphazardly 

  • Barriers to fast and simple communications were straining staff morale and affecting relationships with third-party suppliers

Enter Bridge VMS

The challenges Eden Brown Synergy faced in the contingent workforce space are all too common. Staffing firms and MSPs have come under increasing pressure from the mounting demand worldwide for contingent staffing, and quite often their current systems are cracking because they weren’t designed to meet that level of demand in the first place. 

After an exhaustive search, Eden Brown Synergy chose Bridge VMS to solve its contingent workforce woes. The reason was simple:

Bridge VMS provided a global solution to their problems without requiring a massive enterprise investment in terms of money, complexity, training, and time. 

In short, it did everything that needed to be done, without disruption. Bridge VMS is easy to learn, so staff were up and running in minutes, not months. The system is highly user configurable, so a recruiter can work how they want and not be forced to adapt to what the platform needs them to do. Finally, Bridge VMS does not require the user to download an app. It works on any device and is completely mobile optimized, which means busy recruiters can use it anywhere, anytime.

Practical Solutions

  • Bridge VMS provides a centralized place to manage client requests – no more missed assignments 

  • Robust reporting and automated alerts for follow ups 

  • Streamlined workflows to allow for quick and easy set up for any recruitment project

  • Manage all third-party suppliers on one platform

  • Candidates can submit their own timesheets and expenses – a huge time saver

  • Share pools of workers with different companies

  • Manage documents centrally with a simple search and query function

A Better Place

Eden Brown Synergy is now filling contingent roles faster and more efficiently than ever before, in a controlled and stress-free process, using a user-friendly, highly configurable platform that everyone loves. Bridge VMS has delivered.

Trusted by Thousands

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