Discover the Future of VMS with Bridge

Our feature-packed platform empowers your organization to streamline, optimize, and elevate your vendor management processes like never before. 

From cutting-edge automation to comprehensive analytics, we're here to transform the way you manage your staffing vendor relationships. Experience a new era in vendor management with Bridge VMS.


Who We Serve: Our Valued Customers

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Best in Class Functionality

Top-Tier Invoicing Solution 

From the initial creation of invoices to the final payment, our invoicing abilities offer comprehensive solutions for invoice generation and tracking, workflow approval and reporting, and analytics capabilities that streamline your invoicing process while providing insights into the invoicing workflow. 

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Full Functionality On Mobile

Get the full functionality of Bridge, no matter what device you’re on! No need to download an app. Candidates get an easy experience on their chosen mobile device. Easily fulfill your clients’ requests, manage your float pool, or track candidate timesheets, all from your phone!


White Label Solution 

Elevate your business experience with a personalized product solution designed to perfectly fit your unique needs. Embrace the flexibility of customizable modules, themes, workflows and features to create a platform that looks and feels like it was made specifically for your company. 


Timesheets Done Right

Forget about the delays that disrupt your workflow and leave your management process unorganized and often unfulfilled. With BridgeVMS, timesheets help you track work hours, leaves, accruals, and adjustments to efficiently process payroll. 

  • Multi-layered approval processes

  • Submittable via candidate or supplier

  • Customizable depending on job type


Shifts & Assignments

Whether you need to fill a nurse's shift or a software engineer for a project, BridgeVMS has your back! We offer support for various job types, regardless of their configuration, simplifying your workload and guaranteeing the right employees are assigned to the right shifts.


Single Sign-On

With our single sign-on platform, BridgeVMS allows you to scale your MSP programs securely and cost-effectively while saving you critical time. If you are an MSP or Master Vendor, you can efficiently run multiple client programs from a single platform.


Internal Worker Pool Functionality

Connect the dots with BridgeVMS's internal talent pools that empower your organization to foster a dynamic culture of internal mobility. Consistently presenting career opportunities for internal candidates encourages workplace diversity and enhances talent availability and quality while preventing employees from feeling stagnant.


Reporting & Metrics

The Bridge VMS platform does wonders by enabling your organization to create detailed reports and analyze vendor performance, expenses, contract compliance, and risk management data. This comprehensive data helps make proactive, informed decisions, find cost-saving opportunities, and improve overall vendor management efficiency. 


Next-level Compliance

Let’s face it: Compliance is an essential aspect of all industries. BridgeVMS offers the ability to centralize compliance management, automate recordkeeping, ensure adherence to industry-specific labor regulations, and provide additional easy-to-use features that reduce risks, improve transparency, and maintain industry reputation. 



Guaranteed Uptime


Timesheets Processed Weekly


Registered System Users

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