About Bridge

At Bridge, we are dedicated to transforming inefficiencies in contingent workforce processes by harnessing the power of cutting-edge vendor management software solutions. We are here to Bridge the gap, empowering businesses to achieve unparalleled efficiency and productivity. 

As industry leaders, we have meticulously built software rooted in providing innovative solutions and unmatched expertise. Our story is one of innovation, continuous improvement and dedication to transforming how businesses manage their contingent workforce and vendor relationships. 


Why Choose Bridge?

We understand staffing agencies, MSPs, and organizations' unique challenges in managing their contingent workforce. 

The complexities of manually managing multiple vendors and a large workforce significantly hinder companies' global effectiveness and require a comprehensive solution to ensure these challenges do not continue to burden companies.

Within the BrigeVMS ecosystem, we seamlessly integrate innovative software to empower organizations to continuously leverage their contingent workforce strategies, fostering optimism as they scale and grow. Our ultimate goal is to create a journey where contingent workforce expansion drives success and enhances the management structure of every organization we assist. 



Our Mission

BridgeVMS was designed in 2014 with the needs of today's contingent workforces, MSPs, and staffing firms in mind. By providing a mobile, efficient, and cost-effective service, our VMS has since changed the modern contingent workforce.

Our goal at Bridge is to empower organizations to effectively manage contingent staffing programs between $1 and $100 million or more in spend, providing them with the same level of service available to much larger organizations. 



Years in Business


MSP Clients

3 Continents:

North America, Europe, South America

What Makes Bridge Different?

Our job here at Bridge, is to bridge any gaps experienced in the contingent workforce today. With customer satisfaction as our foremost priority, we ensure that the implementation process becomes one of the easiest and most impactful decisions organizations ever make. 

  • Mid-Market Focus: Bridge focuses on the mid-market segment, catering to businesses with spend from $1 to $100 million+, to ensure companies of all sizes have the best resources to manage their contingent workforce efficiently. 
  • Mobile Access: Bridge is ahead of the market by offering full functionality on mobile devices without the need to download an app. Seamlessly navigate and manage the contingent workforce from any device, anytime, anywhere!
  • Unmatched Pricing: Our pricing has moved from a pure percentage of spend to a software license per user plus a percentage of spend model. More SAAS than competitors (license + spend).
  • White-Label Solution: We prioritize our customers first by enhancing customizable capabilities to create a platform that looks and feels like it was made specifically for each individual organization.


Whom we serve best

From Healthcare to IT, Pharmaceutical, Engineering, Construction, Facilities Management, Hospitality, and more, we understand the complexities of diverse sectors. If you are a mid-market organization seeking a VMS to accommodate an average of 2-50+ vendors, you are in the right place.

Partnering with Bridge allows organizations to remain focused on their core business objectives while leaving us to handle the complexities of contingent workforce management. Our expertise and high-quality software have helped businesses globally enhance their operations, increase productivity, reduce operational costs, and remain competitive. 


Our Offices

UK | 5th floor, 4 Coleman Street, London EC2R 5JJ 

US | 801 Barton Springs Rd, Austin, TX 78704

Canada | 1100 King Street West, Toronto, On M6K 1E6


Multi-Language and Multi-Currency Solution 

BridgeVMS excels in inclusivity and ensuring that our software solutions are available for global use. Our VMS can support English, French, Spanish, Brazilian/Portuguese, and German. We additionally support the Dollar (USD and CAN) and the Euro and British pound currencies. 


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