Mastering Complexity with Simplicity

How Retinue used Bridge to Revolutionize their MSP

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“Bridge has revolutionized our MSP, by streamlining operations, enhancing efficiency, and enabling us to deliver an exceptional service to our clients. The Bridge team are fantastic throughout with a robust support structure to bolster their fantastic offering”

- Jon Bennett, CEO, Retinue Solutions

Retinue is a growing MSP in the talent acquisition industry, with a focus on healthcare, construction and facilities management, and for those requiring STEM skills (science, technology, engineering, math). A growing trend toward contingent workforces in these areas was great for business, but it also meant that Retinue had a problem:

Retinue’s existing internal systems could not keep up with a rising demand:

  • Retinue needed a system that was both configurable and customizable to fit the unique characteristics of its target markets

  • It often had to serve multiple customers on one project, which made it complicated to track and manage the work

  • There was no easy way to report on a project, and certainly not in a timely manner.


Time for a change

Retinue realized that to continue accelerating the growth of its contingent workforce practice, it needed to first get the proper software platform. The fact that such a successful and dynamic company like Retinue decided to go with Bridge VMS says volumes about the value proposition Bridge VMS offers.

Retinue wanted to solve the problems it had with contingent workforce placements, not create more problems by implementing a complex, difficult, and expensive solution that would take staff and third-party suppliers months to learn. Executives certainly didn’t want to expend valuable time and effort imposing a monolithic and cumbersome solution, either.

Bridge VMS is unique for several reasons:

  • Highly configurable by the users 

  • Developed for MSPs and staffing agencies

  • Cost-effective

  • Easy to learn – minimal training.

The Payoff

Bridge VMS has removed the technological barriers for growth. It’s as if someone customized a contingent workforce platform just for them. Sure other challenges exist, but Retinue is overjoyed to have a software platform that provides all the key benefits needed to manage contingent workforce placements:

  • Simple, intuitive, and easy to learn – staff were up and running Bridge VMS in minutes.

  • They could integrate with other critical software, such as reporting tools, or add useful features such as SSO

  • They had a birds-eye view of the entire supply chain, for every project or aggregated, with total visibility from the initial request right through to candidate placement and end of term. 

  • Clients were able to access reports quickly and easily

  • Projects that required more than one customer to deliver were no longer a problem – Bridge VMS was built to handle that

Bridge VMS has made the lives of Retinue’s staff better by delivering an easy-to-use and a highly customizable platform for managing contingent workforces. The MSP industry is competitive enough. Don’t complicate it further by using the wrong VMS—just ask Retinue. 

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